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Virtual Inspection

When you're home is showing signs of distress it will let you know. Common signs of a distressed or failing foundation include uneven floors, cracking walls, windows or doors that won't open and close.

Virtual Inspection

When homeowners have foundation problems the first thing they typically do is talk to a foundation company. While this is a good practice, often times the homeowners want to get a second opinion before spending thousands on a repair they aren't entirely sure they need. Before spending the money, it's a good idea to talk to a structural Engineer at Johnson Structural Inspections. We offer a virtual assessment of your homes foundation system using cellphone technology. This virtual assessment makes an inspection easier for busy families. It's faster to complete, and provides you with answers much quicker than a traditional inspection. It's important for you, the homeowner to completely understand the problem, and possible solutions before making a decision. 

During a Foundation Inspection you can expect the following:​​

  • The Engineer will speak with the homeowners through a video call and complete a visual inspection of the property looking at the interior & exterior of the home as well as the basement or crawlspace for possible signs of foundation damage. 

  • The engineer not be able to take photographs of the damaged areas. 

  • The report will contain written observations of the homes current state and will provide recommendations based on the noted deficiencies. This inspection report will not be signed & sealed by the Engineer. 

***It's important to note the limitations of technology may make it difficult to observe all deficiencies in the home. ***

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