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Do you need to hire a Structural Engineer?

Structural Engineers often go unseen from the public eye until their services are needed. This branch of engineering falls within the field of Civil Engineering, but focuses on the framework of structures and how they perform under various load conditions. Structural Engineers are responsible for taking an architects concept and floorplan, and designing a structural system that is safe. Structural Engineers are highly trained, and contain a toolkit of knowledge that is required to verify the safety of a structure. Some of the services they provide include: design services, design reports, plans and specifications, and inspection services.


Before you hire a Structural Engineer it's your job as the homeowner to verify their credentials. Typically denoted as PE, or Professional Engineer, this licensure shows the engineer meets all local and state requirements to safely practice engineering. JSI is fully licensed, insured and ready to assist you. 

You need a structural engineer for the following reasons:

  • Local codes require a design to be signed and sealed by a professional engineer.

  • There is structural damage to your home & you want a second opinion before hiring a contractor. Some examples include foundation damage, storm damage, sagging or sinking floors, deck replacements and more. 

  • You plan on re-modeling yourself and want to remove or change loadbearing walls. 

  • You're buying a home and deficiencies are discovered that needs to be evaluated by a structural engineer.

Examples of when you DON'T need a structural engineer:

  • You want to hire someone to design the aesthetics for a project. Engineers do not design how a structure looks. This job requires an architect.

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