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Structural Inspection

When a structure is showing signs of distress it's time to hire a structural engineer.

Structural Inspection

Whether you're buying or building Johnson Structural Inspections will be there to help you with your structural needs. Sometimes potential structural problems are found during a home inspection that need to be addressed by a structural engineer. Before spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home with potentially expensive structural problems, it's smart to hire Johnson Structural Inspections to do an assessment of the home. We work with the client to help them completely understand the problem, so they can make an informed decision. In order to provide you with the best service and peace of mind Johnson Structural Inspections will only send a highly qualified, licensed Professional Engineer to examine the home. We encourage the client or their representative to be present during the time of the inspection.

During a Structural Inspection you can expect the following:​​

  • The engineer will perform a visual inspection of the property looking at the interior & exterior of the home as well as the basement or crawlspace for possible signs of damage. No measurements or specialized equipment will be used. No personal items will be moved.

  • The engineer will take photographs of the damaged areas to document in the inspection report.

  • The report will contain in-depth observations of the homes current state and will provide recommendations based on the noted deficiencies. 

  • The client will receive an inspection report signed and sealed by the licensed engineer typically within 24 hours of the inspection.

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